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 Custom Processing Forms

We can create all types of custom, all-purpose processing forms, with the utmost secure measure utilized. Write your form data to a custom database, log your clients/visitors data for future reference by adding special features such as building a client database. Have custom HTML or text formatted email response files sent to your visitors, allow for file attachments, or file uploading.

We also provide custom Authentication-Captcha(human image validation), for creating captcha's to verify the human element in transactions with PNG character imaging and currency conversions and SPAM FREE prevention.

If you need to integrate your existing Shopping cart with E-commerceXchange,, ClickBank, PaySystem or PayPal payment service? We can customize most Perl or PHP written shopping carts to work with these services. We can also upgrade your current payment forms to the utilize the new SIM or AIM payment method.

We can create custom order/payment forms to integrate with the follow real time payment proces:

[2CO]  2Checkout
[PayFlow]  PayFlowPro or Link
[ClickBank]  ClickBank
[PaySystems]  PaySystems
[ViaKlix]  ViaKlix
[] (using SIM and AIM systems)
[CardService Int'l]  CardService Int'l (Link Point)
[PayPal]  PayPal
[PayPal IPN]  PayPal's IPN (Instant Purchase Notification)
[Ecommerce XChange]  ECX (Ecomerce XChange)

Process your own Credit Cards or Check payments?? We can provide custom modules to validate credit cards. If you process electronic check payments, we have modules to validate the ABA and US/Canadian Routier numbers.

Need to integrate your existing Shopping cart with above mentioned merchant account payment service? Let us customize your shopping carts to work with these services.

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