Password Protected Sites

storm cloudA password management system is ideal for membership or subscription websites requiring subscription membership or membership payment with time limited membership or subscription periods or multiple access levels.

Let us set up a custom password management system that allows you to fully maintain your web site's private password directories. We create custom administration features that allow for a wide range of searching, editing, viewing and deleting registered members, along with various membership reports. We can set up a configuation for instant access approval or admin prior approval before allowing access.

A registration form can be set up to accommodate almost any information needed from your members or subscribers. Visitors fill out the pre-registration form to request access to the private area of your web site. A confirmation email is sent to the admin and the your new registered member. The admin control panel gives you total control of who will be allowed access. We also offer full search capabilities and mass mailers. Our system supports the .nsconfig/.htpasswd and Mod_Auth_MYSQL password protection authentication scheme.

If you need to integrate a single registration system into your website to handle a multiple of pre-registration programs, like message boards, classified ads, and subscription memberships on your website, we can design one single custom membership management system into a one primary system to handle ALL of your membership registrations.

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