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storm cloudDatabases play an important, integral part of any successful website. Effective design and programming is a primary factor for databases to work properly.

If you need to maintain online inventories, membership management, dynamically created web pages, customer orders/accounts or store and retrieve online information on demand, we can set up a database program to meet your requirements.

We offer custom programming, with Perl or PHP, including flat files, CSV, DBM and MySQL databases. If you need to convert your current flat file database program to a more powerful and stable MySQL database, let us set up the proper database to meet the requirements of your business or personal website.

If you want to install MySQL or upgrade your current MySQL, we can handle standard and custom installations on most UNIX type server, specializing in Linux installations, including single and multiple MySQL server/client installations.

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We encourage you to visit our client portfolio page to see our customer websites where we have developed and modified various programs and Internet services. Most of our clients are returning, long-term customers who have used our services to promote and expand their Internet businesses.