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storm cloud © the mighty works projectWe value our clients. We invite you to view their websites and check out the work that we have done for them. If you have a question regarding any of our work on their websites, please feel free contact us or contact them through their individual web site; inquiries are always welcome. We do not give out any client's email address or other personal information withour their prior approval.


We designed a complete custom membership management system with admin features, including report features for accounting and the MySQL backend database for AIM marketing services.

If you can point & click, you can use this charting software to optimize your trading strategy for maximum profits. We built a complete custom membership management system with admin features, including report features for accounting and the MySQL backend database for the website of AIM marketing services, a returning client.

We customized a complete membership management system with admin features along with MySQL backend database, including a full fraud monitoring and protection integration. DirectDefender. com offers REAL-TIME identity monitoring and protection services. Direct Defender has become synonymous with identity theft protection. People are choosing Direct Defender because by guarding their precious identity details, they find peace of mind. Direct Defender cares about your identity. Their real-time identity monitoring and unprecedented identity-recovery success rate has made them the favorite identity theft solution across the nation.

We designed a complete custom management system with MySQL backend database and Paypal/2CO payment integration for schools/alumni membership. The website provides International Schools around the globe with a large range of facilities aimed at increasing the school's online presence and keeping them connected with other schools, teachers, and alumni.

tutor.acFeatured on the Cool Site of the Day!

We built a complete tutor and student management system for Gone are the days of standard tutor databases. globally matches the students' requests to a tutor local to them.

We developed a complete custom membership management system to connect Helpers and Hirers in the UK. If you need a worker or need work, check out

We customized a shopping cart specifically for Tracer Tags and built the membership activation management system with a complete members account administrative and merchant, along with MySQL backend Database. Tracer Tags is a global 24/7 lost and found retrieval service for the items you carry, value, and use daily.

We customized a password and membership management system which includes premium/free accounts complete with administrative features, member accounting editing, and online order processing, along with MySQL backend database.


We developed a custom membership system integrated with PayPals IPN, along with Instant Payment Notification. The Asia Wholesale Jewelry database shows you where to buy raw gems and ready-made jewelry in third world countries.

Decision Bar Trading is another AIM Marketing website where Les Schwartz explains the most sophisticated and user friendly trading software available to the public. They used our custom CGI programming services for a special subscription membership management system.

We created a custom multiple member mass mailing list with full admin capabilities, members login, and individual mass mailers for each member's mailing list. Menagerie Web is a hosting and design Internet service provider.

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