A Savage Wisdom by Norman German

A Savage Wisdom by Norman German, (ISBN 978-0-9654569-6-8), published in 2008 by Thunder Rain Publishing Corp., was inspired by the life, crimes and legends of Annie Beatrice McQuiston aka Toni Jo Henry, the first and only woman executed in Louisiana's electric chair. The author uses the actual names and aliases of the murderess and the fact that the killing took place on Valentine's Day, 1940.

German's novel is a stark, page-turning re-creation, rich with detail and imagery where intimacy and deception flow into a chilling tragedy. German's historical inquiry empowers the reader to imagine a woman consumed by passion, and a betrayal that conspires against the woman who "learned, then practiced, a savage wisdom."1 With the vibrancy of Louisiana color A Savage Wisdom weaves the reader into the life of a "love-struck southern girl ... and a cold-blooded killer."2

A Savage Wisdom can be purchased at the author's website or albris.com

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